How would you like to have this intersection on your layout?
Up to EIGHT sets of Scale traffic lights, all synchronized, all 4 directions.
That is what our traffic lights with our exclusive control circuitry can do.
(not shown at actual speed)

Traffic not too bad on your layout?   You can start with a 2 pole system and add more lights to the system as traffic in your town increases.
Our control circuit is designed for use with up to 8 red-yellow-green signal sets.

Traffic Lights Available in: HO,  N,  O and S  gauge.
(Be sure to specify size when ordering)





Circuit board to control signals. Will operate up to 8 single direction lights.

Circuit board design allows you to adjust the timing cycle from approximately 4 to 14 seconds.



Traffic Stop Light
Mounted on pole


Hanging 4 directional 
Traffic Stop Light


Hanging 3 directional 
Traffic Stop Light



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